Coronavirus concerns by state

Plus more Biden vs. Trump

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If you missed it, read the story in Axios this morning featuring reactions to Wednesday’s VP debate in respondents’ own words.

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Covid-19 concerns by state and demographics

We began polling on concerns related to COVID-19 in February, and (unfortunately) eight months later we’re still rolling. We took the nearly 2 million responses we’ve collected thus far in the U.S. and pulled them into this viz showing trend over time overall, by demographic cuts, and by state. 

Click here to view the viz, or click the image above.

In this view, it’s possible to see the peaks and valleys of concern by state as the virus spread throughout the country, and the stark partisan differences in opinion (with Republicans consistently less concerned than Democrats). 

Dot plot: Biden vs. Trump

Our latest viz allows you to quickly see all the possible 100,000+ combinations of voters and voter preferences, again showcasing data from N>500K respondents to SurveyMonkey’s election polling thus far. 

Click here to view the viz, or click the image above.

The dots are interactive, and you can choose which parameters to show. The tables at the bottom give an immediate readout of each candidate’s biggest supporters. Biden’s best showing is among Black women ages 65+ with post-graduate degrees; Trump’s is among white men ages 45-54 with at most a high school education. We think it’s a fun way to visualize with the data.

I’m interested to see such an intense clustering of support for Biden among Democrats (he’s at 90%+ among Democrats and Democratic leaners of all ages) vs. Trump’s relative weakness among younger Republicans. Also note the fact that independents skew heavily towards Biden rather than Trump. 

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-Laura Wronski